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Jeremy posted an incredible cue from the Book 2 finale. I can’t express how grateful I am to be able to work with this immensely, uniquely talented composer, and to call him a close friend. I was in the kitchen of the Nickelodeon studios yesterday and the second episode of Avatar was playing on Nicktoons. I hadn’t seen it in a long time, and as much as I love ALL of the music he did for Avatar, it was incredible to hear just how far Jeremy’s scores have come since then. I think this cue, “Jinora’s Light,” is a perfect example of the sublime subtlety and reserved confidence that permeates his work now.

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I just wanna know the ratings from last night


An amazing Korra cosplayer here at the Rooftop Party!

Slick rebloging my post……proud to know you’re a nerd

You know who you are….I’m talking to you YESS

email to Bryke (Bryan’s tumblr)


I wanted to share this video with you because I have contacted some of the actors and Jeremy and hopefully I can talk you all (Bryke) more directly one day. I made a video on why I started watching ATLA and LOK. Also a little ranty about how awesome ya’ll are. See I have never reached out so much to creators of shows since I knew you could do that (since 2010 I believe.) 

The gift that Bryke gives to the world is hope, good lessons, personality and trust. We trust that you guys care enough about the show to give us the best that you can possibly give. That’s why we as fans love the show so much. 

On a personal note, ATLA is the reason why I chose my specific career path. Hans Zimmer made me wanna be a composer, but the music of Jeremy Zuckerman (maybe it’s a Z last name thing) that you guys hand chose, made me wanna write music for kids tv shows. I wanna write the soundtrack for a show as wonderful and giving as ATLA and LOK (btw congrats on the soundtrack hope ATLA gets one.) 

You’ve become an inspiration to me and many others in the idea that “If you push hard enough, the door will open” (this is a joke about you two making THE LONGEST SERIES PITCH EVA!) I hope to meet you and Mike one day to rub his head for good luck (jk…kinda) and to talk about how your visions became reality and how you sat down and started a whole  series from a drawing of a robot monkey with an arrow, a bipedal polar bear, and a kid with a bald head and a staff.

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